I regularly participate in workshops, meetings, training courses, seminars, and conferences to stay current in my profession. I am a member of the Volunteer Doula Program at Scarborough Hospital Doula Program. I am also a member of Doula C.A.R.E., a non-profit association committed to providing doulas with access to resources for doula training, continued development opportunities, and professional guidance.





Childbirth International Birth Doula Certification

Infant CPR and Child First Aid

Hug Your Baby
Part I: Understand Newborn
Part II: Strategies and Skill Building
Extend Breastfeeding Duration

Lactation Education Resources
Basics of Lactation Management for Doulas Complete

Evidence-Based Birth
Evidence Based Care for Suspected Big Babies
Friedman’s Curve and Failure to Progress

Online Doula Workshops
Relaxation: Back to Basics
Communication Skills and Personality Styles for Doulas

InJoy Birth & Parenting Education
Secrets From a Postpartum Doula: Newborn Care & Soothing Techniques
Helping Parents Prepare Their Child and Their Relationship for a New Baby
What Men Need in Labor—Isn’t It Time We Cared?

Spinning Babies
Daily Essentials: Activities for balancing a pregnant body

Progressive Parenting Network
An Integrative Approach to Tongue-tie, Lip-tie & Breastfeeding
More Oxytocin Please!
An Online Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby

Association for Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nursing

Nursing Care and Management of Second Stage of Labor

US Cochrane Center
Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare: A Foundation for Action (in progress)

Rebozo Connection: The Gena Kirby Method

Dad certified with Joe Valley



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